Kaspar Haake

Kaspar Haake

Mixed media artist
based in Lincoln, NE


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Bees Can’t
See Red

Kaspar Haake/2023

    Process pics and more: research symposium presentation & notes ︎︎︎
   Agriculture saturates the American midwest, contaminating our water and harkening recognition of systemic consequences in insect and aquatic ecosystems through my personal experiences. The Ogallala aquifer, nourishing life and sustaining a massive economy, faces a looming threat. In light of the nearby environmental crisis of the AltEn ethanol plant in Mead, Nebraska, I aestheticize the troubling unseen consequences of agrochemical exploitation through a lens of frozen bees, and an alien aquatic salamander.

  Under a looming, fragrant wall of of frames from lost colonies of winter ’22, grids of vibrant grades of molten wax and mottled cyanotype abstractions reflect abritrary lines of measure and containment. In using the byproducts of pollinators, a sensory experience is created with meaningful media, seeping beyond boundaries past the perceptual field. This internal organization is instead intended to allude to a dematerialization of how we consider the sustainability of our environment, and life that inhabits it.